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The Process

Project Management Control Process

Throughout all of Thomson Brothers Construction’s history, our focus has been to establish ourselves as a construction partner that will represent the Owner’s interests at all times and not simply broker the construction process. The backbone of successful construction management is in our systematic and disciplined approach to planning, communicating, monitoring and documenting all aspects of the construction process.

Thomson Brothers Construction utilizes a developed and proven Project Management and Document Tracking System which incorporates database / spreadsheet software and functions to manage and track Change Requests, Owner Change Orders, RFI’s, ASI’s, CCD’s, Submittals / Shop Drawings, Budget / Cost Tracking and Reporting, Subcontractor / Vendor Contact Information, Subcontractor COI tracking, General Correspondence, Site QA/QC issues, Project Meetings, Compilation of Punch Lists and Warranty tracking.


Project safety is tantamount to a successful project, all stakeholders must be 100 % committed to the process beginning first with the buy-out process, Safety is again reviewed with the construction personnel when first entering the project site through a pre-installation meeting with a focus on adherence to both the Owner’s as well as Thomson Brothers Construction’s Safety Program.

Our Project Superintendent, with assistance from the Project Management team, will assure compliance with safety at all times during the construction process.

Project Schedule

Thomson Brothers Construction utilizes Microsoft Project – 2010v to construct our project progress schedules. Phasing and critical path summaries will be updated on a regular basis as well as two (2) to three (3) week lookaheads that are distributed to all stakeholders on the project


Cost controls will be implemented from the beginning of the project to the very end. Thomson Brothers Construction will seek out potential cost savings options throughout the project to bring the most value for the intended scope of work to the Owner. Both current, as well as proposed subcontractors, will be evaluated to ensure cost is understood and is providing the best value to the project.

A change request process will be implemented to monitor potential cost changes and distributed to the Owner / Architect in a timely manner which will allow decisions to be made with minimal impact on the progress of the project.


Quality for the project will be implemented and monitored by all Thomson Brothers Construction team members from the buy-out phase through the completion of the project by establishing timely and thorough communication of expectations with team members before the implementation of their scope of work by utilizing a thorough review of submittals, pre-installation meetings as well as monitoring work as it is being put into place. Incorrect work or work not complying with the intent of the contract documents will be addressed promptly.


Submittals will be tracked via a submittal tracking log to aid in identifying and tracking the required elements of construction. A submittal register/log will be compiled and provided to the Owner / Architect to assist in making early identification of outstanding submittals and/or shop drawings and their potential effect on the critical path of the project. Thomson Brothers Construction will review submittals prior to forwarding them to the Design Team to ensure compliance with the intent of the contract documents.


RFI’s will be provided promptly to the Design Team to request clarification on scope issues relative to the project. Thomson Brothers Construction will strive to provide proposed solutions to pending issues as well as convey a timely response to possible cost changes and / or possible impacts on the timing of the project progress schedule.


Superintendent Daily Construction Reports will be maintained by the Site Superintendent on a daily basis and will identify current work being performed, the name of subcontractor(s) currently performing work, weather conditions, any relative site conditions that might affect the cost or schedule of the project, incidents, site visitors and inspections by the Owner / Design Team or state and jurisdictional inspection authorities


As-Builts of work in place to be provided upon completion of the project

O and M Manuals / Owner Training to be monitored and implemented at the close of the project

Staffing Assignments

At Thomson Brothers Construction, we ensure that each project has the expertise and talent you need.


A Project Superintendent will be assigned to your project on a full-time basis and will be responsible for the overall implementation of the project with a focus on ensuring adherence to safety regulations and requirements of the Owner, OHSA, as well as Thomson Brothers Construction. The project superintendent will also be responsible for the supervision, coordination, scheduling, and acceptance of work being put into place that meets or exceeds the intent of the contract documents as well as the Owner’s expectations.


The project manager will be responsible for assisting the superintendent with on-site safety, coordination of submittals, project progress schedule, cost changes, ASI’s, RFI’s, CCD’s, applications for payment, project close-out, and general correspondence.


The project executive will be responsible for the overall scope and management of the project both in the field and the office serving as a liaison between the Owner and Thomson Brothers Construction. The project executive will also take lead on heading off any potential conflicts arising through the course of the project with a focus on working closely with our vendors overviewing cost and potential savings to the owner.

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Thomson Brothers Construction is a licensed and insured general contractor with over 31 years of experience. Our services include customizing, designing, estimating, and managing your project. Thomson Brothers Construction will tailor our services to your individual needs including design, budgeting, bidding, estimating, resource and logistics planning, scope management, project scheduling, project supervision, quality control, and safety awareness.

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